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METATRON REMOTE® Health Diagnostic Therapy System
Metatron Hospital Upgraded By Medicomat Ltd For Remote Mode


The Metatron apparatus emits modulated oscillations to correct and synchronize the harmonics in a biological object. This correction is achieved through the "Meta Therapy" function.

The Metatron system applies the following therapies: Elimination of viruses and bacteria, Organotherapy, BachTherapy, Meta therapy, Phytotherapy, Lithotherapy, Acupuncture.

In Bach-Therapy, we use wave spectrums of herbal essences to treat psychosomatic diseases and correct psycho-therapeutic disorders. By utilizing the specific frequency characteristics of each herb, we can harmonize the mental and emotional aspects of a person, preventing the development of illnesses caused by negative emotions. The software selects the appropriate essences for the treatment of mental disorders and emotional imbalances.


Lithotherapy involves the use of spectral characteristics of jewels and minerals for their medical properties. The program allows for individual selection of minerals based on their spectral characteristics, which can be used for both permanent wear and the treatment of specific diseases. By utilizing the specific spectral characteristics of minerals, the device can provide therapy for acute and chronic diseases.

Phytotherapy focuses on the spectral characteristics of medicinal plants from different regions of the world. These characteristics are used for exposure and treatment purposes.

The "Reprinter" function is used to record information-wave spectra of recommended preparations, such as dietary supplements, minerals, and herbs. These spectra are recorded on various matrices, such as water, ethyl alcohol, sugar, and paraffin. Additionally, inverted wave spectra of microbial flora can be recorded to reduce its activity.


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