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METATRON REMOTE® Health Diagnostic Therapy System
Metatron Hospital Upgraded By Medicomat Ltd For Remote Mode

Areas of diagnosis

The program can determine the type of constitution for each individual based on the characteristics of their wave spectra. By using the program to determine the individual constitutional type, valuable information about various aspects of life, such as diet, susceptibility to diseases, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can be obtained.

In the screening section on psychoemotional state, the program includes standards for the main emotional states such as hope, love, sadness, anger, and fear. Our emotions are biochemical processes that create molecular structures, which generate a specific field. The spatial-frequency structure of this field reflects a particular psychoemotional state. Therefore, emotional disorders should be viewed as disruptions in biochemical homeostasis, significantly impacting the functioning of the body.

This section contains the wave spectra of herbal (flower) essences that are widely used in many European countries. These essences, along with psychotherapeutic methods, are utilized to correct and treat psychosomatic diseases. The primary goal of these remedies is to harmonize the mental and emotional aspects of human activity. Negative emotions are seen as catalysts for the development of diseases. The selection of various essence radiation spectra is carried out to treat mental illnesses and emotional imbalances.

This feature allows for a qualitative assessment of the main biochemical parameters through tissue wave functions.

This section provides a list of standard patterns for inflammatory, dystrophic, and destructive processes. Here, you can find the main pathomorphological conditions specific to individual tissues of the body. Each pathological process possesses a uniquely characteristic graph that is exclusive to it.

Nosological Forms:
Here is a list of standard examples of different disease forms based on the international classification.

Discover the wave patterns of vital microelements that play a crucial role in regulating various biochemical processes such as redox reactions, neuroendocrine functions, enzymatic reactions, and activation processes.

Explore the key characteristics of infectious agents like bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, mycoplasma, and fungi. With over 350 reference examples and original images, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding.

Food Products:
Uncover the wave characteristics of different food products, categorized into groups such as meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruits, oils, beverages, spices, and more. Find out which diet products are recommended or contraindicated for specific pathologies based on their medicinal properties.

Learn about the wave characteristics of food, household, plant, and industrial allergens, as well as the spectra of heavy metals like strontium, cadmium, cesium, polonium, and other radioactive elements.

Discover the unique wave characteristics of homeopathic remedies in various potencies and products from HEEL.

Explore the wave characteristics of the main chemical drugs used in official medicine, providing insights into their effects and properties.

Nutriceutics and Parapharmaceutics:
Delve into the wave characteristics of biologically active supplements (BAA) from major manufacturers worldwide, gaining knowledge about their unique properties.

Explore the wave spectra of medicinal cosmetics preparations from the world's top manufacturers.

Discover the spectral characteristics of precious stones and minerals, along with their medicinal properties. This program enables personalized selection of minerals based on their spectral characteristics, whether for constant wearing or for treating specific types of diseases. By utilizing the unique spectral characteristics emitted by the device, it allows for the therapy of both acute and chronic ailments.

Delve into the wave spectra of various types of honey and bee products extensively used in Chinese medicine.

Uncover the wave characteristics of medicinal plants found in different regions across the globe.

Experience the ability to assess the chakras, 14 Chinese meridians, biologically active points on the hands, feet, auricle (auriculodiagnostics), and the iris of the eyes (iridology).

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