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METATRON REMOTE® Health Diagnostic Therapy System
Metatron Hospital Upgraded By Medicomat Ltd For Remote Mode

How The System Works

NLS Diagnostics is a process that involves reading, processing, and analyzing information from electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body. This helps determine the nature, origins, and severity of potential harmful processes. The Metatron device decodes this information during a diagnostic session and can also provide a rough prediction of future health trends.

Scanning is done using special magnetic sensors called inductors, which can measure the condition of cells in the body, as well as the activity of bacteria, parasites, and other infectious agents. The Metatron device focuses on the subcortical brain, which holds a wealth of information about the body's processes.

During a short diagnostic session, the information gathered is transformed into a digital signal, which is then decoded and analyzed by the unique medical software of the Metatron device. The software contains a vast database of over 10,000 spectral patterns related to various conditions, illnesses, and specifications.

All the information about the body's condition is sent to the brain and analyzed.

The Metatron system uses special sensors to tune into the resonance frequency of a researched organ's control signal. It then reads the information, decodes it, and displays it on a screen as three-dimensional models of organs, tissues, cells, and their components.

We utilize a specific marker system to highlight the actual condition of these entities, whether it is normal or pathological, using a color-coded 12-point Fleindler's scale.

The principle of NLS Diagnostics is to gather information about a patient's health using a unique medical computer software package. The data about the state of body tissues, cells, and hormones are transmitted in real time and instantly decoded into specific diagnoses and recommendations.

All the information about the state of the patient’s health is transmitted to the brain. Special trigger sensors in the form of magnetic inductors shaped like headphones are used to obtain this information. Unique medical software decodes the data, and displays it on a computer screen in the form of three dimensional model images of organs, tissues, and cells. A specific marker system is used to highlight pathological conditions.

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