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METATRON REMOTE® Health Diagnostic Therapy System
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Metatron Packaging

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics produces original products that bear the registered trademark METATRON ®. These products can be easily distinguished from counterfeit diagnostic devices based on their physical appearance and hardware arrangement, as well as their fully functional software. Unlike fake devices that often have crushed codes and nonworking buttons, the genuine METATRON devices are designed to meet high standards.

The standard packaging of a METATRON device includes several components. Firstly, the device itself is presented in a strictly defined form, featuring the METATRON logo etched on the front panel. It is worth noting that machines used in Russia display the old logo, while those used in other countries showcase the new logo. Additionally, the model's name is etched on the top panel, and the back panel contains important information such as the serial number, release date, jurisdiction data of the manufacturer (IPP), and the details of its official representative in Europe (IPP-Europe). Furthermore, the packaging includes information confirming compliance with all the European Union's requirements for this type of product.

The packaging also includes magnetic inductors with a trigger sensor, which are presented in a strictly defined form. These inductors do not come with earphones, manual electrodes, or pulse fixers, and they are labeled with the model name. Moreover, a power supply unit for the device, a network adapter for a laptop, and a USB cable are provided.

Another component of the packaging is the bioresonance camera, which is also presented in a rigorously defined form, including specific size and color specifications. Additionally, the packaging includes technical documentation, such as a user's manual and a technical passport that contains the requisites of IPP-Europe.

Lastly, the packaging includes a notebook from the HP ProBook series, which comes with the installed software. In the case of the Metapathia GR Hospital packaging, a USB flash disk with program files is also included.

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